Wondering whether you should hire an online coach or a face to face personal trainer? An online trainer can provide you with all the services a traditional face-to-face personal trainer would, but with added benefits such as pricing and convenience.

It really is a personal preference and will depend on your situation, however, I have put together some comparisons to help you decide.


The average price of a personal training session in London, for example, is around £40-65 with some gyms charging up to £150 a session. If you were to have 2 sessions a week at £40 a session, you’re looking at paying £960 over a 12 week period. Pricing for online personal training is considerably less with Progress Fit online training packages starting from as little as £100 a month. You can find online packages for less but these will be generic recycled plans, not tailored to you or your needs and without all the trimmings!


Convenience is probably one of the biggest selling points of online personal training, besides pricing. You get to workout at whichever gym you want at whatever time works for you. There is no need to stick to appointment times (except brief weekly check ins) so you can fit your workouts in around you and your schedule. With the rise of 24 hour gyms such as Anytime Fitness and Pure Gym, this benefit is even more prevalent.


It is pretty straight forward with 1-2-1 training at a gym, you buy a session and you receive a session. You may or may not get a training plan to do outside of your sessions and you will likely not get a nutrition plan, but you will get your sessions in.

With online personal training, you get the added benefit of  a personalised workout plan and bespoke nutrition plan. It can be a risk however; a lot of online coaches will promise a lot and under deliver on those promises. They will often take on too many clients and therefore not have the time to give the ‘quality service’ and ‘support’ they said they would. I have experienced this first-hand when signing up to online packages over the years.

I would hate for my clients to feel like they weren’t getting enough support so I made a promise to myself when starting this business that I would only take on a certain number of clients a month to ensure I was always available to every one of my clients.


The pros/cons of this will depend on you as an individual. If you lack self motivation then I strongly recommend opting for a traditional personal trainer who you will have to look in the eye to explain why you’re not seeing the results expected (usually due to a weekend binge). You will also not be able to get out of your weekly sessions as they will be there waiting for you.

With online training, there is less accountability and therefore you need to be self-motivated for it to work for you. That’s not to say there isn’t any accountability with online training. You’ll get weekly check-ins with me in which you’ll provide evidence of weight, progress pictures and I’ll be reviewing food diaries (check out what to expect for more information) to ensure everything is on track. If you’re not getting your workouts in or sticking to your nutrition plan, it will become very clear very quickly – trust me.

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