Peter - 60s

"Do not be deceived by the quiet brown eyes of Ani. Behind that peaceful demeanour is a trainer who will work relentlessly with you to achieve the results you both develop and agree to. Ani understands the technicalities of a body transformation as well as the softer skills of working with you to maintain motivation as you work towards your goals.

I started training with Ani when I was 86kg and very unhealthy. I had been a runner and injury caused me to look elsewhere for my fitness training. I started a program that Ani developed for me.

Ani helped me three ways. 1. With my diet 2. With my exercise and 3. With my motivation.

The first step to getting fit is to lose weight and to lose weight your diet is essential. Ani developed a diet for me and monitored it. We particularly focused on making sure I was eating nutritiously and I was enjoying my diet.

By pushing through the first week or so and working to fine tune my diet I developed a menu and routine that allowed me to hit my target weight in three months. My weight dropped by 16kg! My body fat dropped from 26.7% to 12.6%.

I am 63 years of age and have had one or two injuries and have also had the changes to my body that age brings. Again Ani tailored a program for me that allowed me to exercise my whole body while learning technique. Ani was constantly checking in and tuning my form and making sure I was both exercising the correct muscle group and being careful not to cause injury.

Ani was very involved with my program and showed a lot of interest in what I was dealing in my life with that might affect my program. Tips on diet, tips on the exercise I was doing outside the program and how that affected the program and being tuned into how  felt on a particular day. Ani was encouraging and very motivating

The results I have achieved are fantastic. I get many compliments from friends and I think my children are shocked at what I have been able to achieve. I guess the thing Ani most taught was to set goals, work hard toward those goals and with the right training advice, which is very technical, from someone such as Ani, you will get great results. Ani is the real deal."

Gail - 40s

"It was encouraging to have a PT who acknowledges you and supports you. A PT who teaches you, who motivates and encourages you, who inspires and drives you,
who brings out the best in you…who has your back, no matter what!

Never had I experienced such a personalised level of commitment and interest into my health and wellbeing."

Samantha - 20s

"At the point of Ani setting me a specific programme to run a 10k race, I was very overweight, unhealthy and completely incapable of running for a minute let alone for 10km.

Ani considered my lifestyle, current fitness level and my end goal. In just a short space of time I got a very specific programme, complete with nutrition guides, information on warm up & cool down stretches and ways to avoid/deal with injury.

The programme Ani set me was amazing, it boosted my confidence and, as it eased me in, it gave me the belief I could achieve my goal. With help from Ani I completed my 10k race. I also gained a new love for running along with a much healthier lifestyle!

Thank you Ani - I couldn’t have done it without you!"

Hannah - 20s

"I was in a bit of a gym slump so signed up to a 4 week workout plan and it was absolutely brilliant! Really thorough questionnaire to create a very tailored plan to my needs and goals. A really clear guide with challenging and effective workouts. I've loved seeing my progress in such a short space of time and getting my mojo back!"